Will Samsung Galaxy S6 Feature Iris Recognition Technology?

Samsung and Apple have been two arch rivals since the time both these brands started manufacturing smartphones. They have been giving tough competition to each other with regard to the specifications available in their product line. Apple has always focused on making their iPhone safe, secured and personalized. Though Samsung smartphones have fallen behind in this particular feature, but the developers are recently started focusing on the same. Today our concern is Iris recognition technology would be in Galaxy S6?

Galaxy S6

There are rumours that Samsung Galaxy S5, which will be released in 2014, will have fingerprint sensor as well as iris recognition technology. But the tech geeks reject these rumours as they are of the opinion that developers are not yet ready with full proof version of iris recognition technology. But they also opine that there are high chances that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have this feature which is due to release in 2015. By that time the technology will become matured and all the related research and development will be finished.

Before introducing this technology Samsung needs to be sure that the users would be facilitated and satisfied rather than getting annoyed while using this new feature. The developers at Samsung must make sure that the iris recognition technology works efficiently, promptly and with ease so that the users do not get stuck while using it.

Samsung Galaxy series phone have been known for their sleek design. Therefore, they also need to ensure that Samsung Galaxy S6 is as thin as its predecessors or thinner. We are quite sure that by the time of the release of Samsung S6 in 2015, iris recognition technology will be ready for use after addressing all the above mentioned issues and thus it will integrate in it as well to make the gadget safe and secured for the users.

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