Will Galaxy S6 set a new benchmark for future Smartphone?

Will Galaxy S6 set a new benchmark for future Smartphone

As per our content on the Samsung Galaxy S6 benchmark which was written beautifully by our futuristic expert shows us that there will a though competition in the market at that time among different brands.


Will Galaxy S6 set a new benchmark for future Smartphone

Will Galaxy S6 set a new benchmark for future Smartphone

Recently a news had spread out that Samsung had modified the benchmark tests of Samsung Galaxy S4 . Even though Samsung calls the news as hoax and said that the benchmark test are true.

Since Samsung Galaxy S6 will altogether be different from the previous phones it is supposed to set a record in the bench mark tests .

There are various benchmark test like:

  • Quadrant benchmark test
  • AnTuTu benchmark test
  • Vellamo benchmark test
  • Linpack-Single Thread benchmark test
  • NenaMark benchmark test
  • GL benchmark test.

In some of the above test Samsung Galaxy S4 was lagging behind . In future Samsung will make sure that it tops in all the test so as to be the best  .

It is also possible that it may lag in some which we actually don’t think so because of the various development that Samsung has be doing for past 4 years .If it happens , it will be overcome by its next in the series Samsung Galaxy S7 which is also a possibility .

Even if it lags in some benchmark test our love or Samsung Galaxy S series will never decrease .

According to us all the specification and the features that we have written will be nearly unmatched it is also possible that the competitors will come close towards it but can’t have the same . The brands like Micromax and Karbonn are even expected to grow along with it as they are continuously competing against each other in the smartphone segment. Is is also possible that the specifications of their phones can better than that of Samsung , but Samsung as usual will try and bring the new stuff which will be missing in that phones hence in next two year Samsung may rule unless otherwise the Nexus will takeover.

The new stuff that Samsung brings as   the gesture touch , eye tracing etc in S4 are amazing . These will set an additional benchmark for other phone competing in these range like the HTC ONE .

What we think is that some people don’t know what is a benchmark test , well seriously who even cares about it . Those in professional world would check the benchmark test .For those who just love the phone go and buy it.

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