Why you should wait for Galaxy S6 to release

Why you should wait for Galaxy S6 to release

The eagerly awaited and rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a future-ready phone, with amazing features to go with it. After the successful release of the Galaxy S4, the interest in the next rumored Galaxy S6 handset has increased manifold. But on the other hand, one might think something like:

I dunno. When will the S6 release? Will it even release? Will it be worth the wait?  Should I wait for the Galaxy S6 to release or should I buy the latest smartphone in the market?

This article should give you ample reasons to wait for the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S6, when it comes out(probably in summer 2015), and not buy the “current,best” phone available now.

1. Future-ready:

The Samsung Galaxy S6, if and when it releases, should take care of all your smartphone needs , and more, so you shouldn’t feel the need to buy the latest phone available, as it will be rendered obsolete by the Galaxy S6.

2. Beautiful aesthetics:

The Galaxy S6 will undoubtedly be among the most premium-looking phones which will exude class from every angle. With the rumored aluminum unibody and seamless design, it will surely make heads turn.

dual os support on galaxy s6

Galaxy S6 will be a beauty

3. Top-of-the-line specs :

Your handheld gaming console could be a thing of the past, with the monstrous hexcore processor with enhanced multi-threading features of the Samsung Galaxy S6. With these rumored specs, expect no lag from even the most taxing apps and games.

4. Unmatched performance:

The (rumored) Galaxy S6 will be Samsung’s trump card in the year 2015, and will be a powerhouse performer in every respect. So Apple, HTC,Sony and other competitors, beware.

5. USB support:

If rumors are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will sport a USB port for high speed data transfer. Since this is a feature not yet seen in any phone as of now, this is another point in favor of the Galaxy S6.

HD Projector In Smartphone

The Galaxy S6 may even have an HD projector.


Need more reasons to purchase this speculated beauty from Samsung? Well, we have done our part to help persuade you, and now the ball is in Samsung’s court, upto its decision of when to release the Galaxy S6 for the public. We are confident that if you have patience and trust Samsung, you will now be disappointed.

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