Which will release first- Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6 ?

Which will release first- Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 ?

This is a question which is a topic of huge debate in online social media and technology forums alike. Even though this is a pertinent question, much of it is still speculated, ie whether the next Samsung smartphone ,after the successful Galaxy S4,will be the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy S6.

If we try to answer this question by pure logic, it is obvious that the (rumored)Galaxy S5 will precede the(yet again, rumored) Galaxy S6. But Samsung can come up with a surprise by releasing the Galaxy S6 first, since in several of the Galaxy S6 concept images circulating on the internet, it aims to “Let us skip the boring part”, ie the Galaxy S5, and directly release the speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 first.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android

Samsung Galaxy S6 : The tagline favors the Galaxy S6 release first.


Even though both the S5 and S6 are rumored phones with no word of confirmation on either of them, it will be of great interest to see what marketing strategy Samsung comes up with,  whether it goes the conventional way, or releases the Galaxy S6 first. Both of the phones are expected to be powerhouse performers in their own right, and irrespective of whichever releases first, it will be a treat for Android smartphone enthusiasts in any case.

One can merely speculate as to when either of the Galaxy S5 or S6 will release to the general public, but judging by previous statistics (of Galaxy S series smartphone release date), it  can be safe to assume that  it will be released sometime during summer 2015, if and when either releases. For speculated Galaxy S6 specs, click here.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 : Still rumored, but very much a possibility

Although a Galaxy S5 release would be favoured, we at samsungsvi.com would not count out Samsung’s rumored strategy to “skip the boring part” after the successful Galaxy S4.

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