Waterproof Body for Galaxy S6 ?

Waterproof Body for Galaxy S6 ?

Yes you heard it right, if speculations are to be believed.

In this age of cut-throat competition in the high end smartphone market, Samsung is expected to bring in additional features into the much hyped and rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 (release date TBA). And the novelty feature in the Galaxy S6 is speculated to be a completely waterproof, hydrophobic body.


Galaxy S6 Waterproof body: Rumor or apparent reality?

Galaxy S6 Waterproof body: Rumor or apparent reality?

Only a small minority of smartphones available in the market actually are waterproof, and Samsung is expected to enter this niche market with the S6. If rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S6 will have a sleek, waterproof exterior, which would be water resistant to atleast 50 meters under water and upto 1 bar pressure. If such speculations are anything to go by, then the S6 would pose a major threat to its competitor phones of various brands such as Sony, HTC, Nokia,Motorola etc. , since some phones of these companies have water resistance, but which aren’t as effective under pressure.


If such high water resistance is to be achieved in the Galaxy S6, it is expected to be constructed of sturdy material such as aluminum with corrosion-free and hydrophobic qualities. This feature of the Samsung smartphone is expected to increase the retail price of the phone. Also, if  this rumored feature is incorporated in the S6, it will expectedly increase the market share of the technology giant.

future vision

A waterproof body for the Galaxy S6 is a rumored thing of the future.


Though the  Samsung S4 Active smartphone has this waterproof body feature, we expect that The Galaxy S6 will be far more efficient in this domain.

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