What users Expect from Galaxy S6?

What users Expect from Galaxy S6?

With all even series of Samsung Galaxy S series being popular the expectations are little high from the next Samsung Galaxy S6 as compared to Samsung Galaxy S5. Even though both the phones and the specifications are rumoured it wont be bad if we compare it with the existing Microsoft Windows Series. For the past statistics of Windows it is proved that every alternative windows product is successful. So considering this fact and comparing the past history of Samsung Galaxy phone ,it is clear that even in it every alternative series has been successful like Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Even though Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S3 gained popularity but they couldn’t do so well in the market .

Offer with Samsung Galaxy S6

Possible Offers with Galaxy S6

So according to the above situation the expectation form Samsung Galaxy S6 would be higher than as compared to Samsung Galaxy S5. For those who think ,even though believing this would be illogical, because if Samsung Galaxy S5 would launch, it is also expected to do better in market . I would surely agree with them because “ New products are launched so that they would excel in market”,but I was talking about it in a statistical manner and not in who better the product will be.

It is for sure that Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 which ever launches first would be obviously better than its predecessor  . Even though it is believed that S5 would launch before S6 then technically S6 would have better functionality as compared to S5 and would have more possibility to exel in the market as compared to that S5 wont be able to do.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Colors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Colors

With this the  expectations of people has also increased manifold thinking it as a new gadget and a gadget that can almost solve any problem in the future . The important thing that people are expecting is that it to be priced at an appropriate rate.Another thing that would come in the mind of people is the variety of colors it will be available in.Earlier Samsung Galaxy S phones had limited variety  ,now they will be hoping to increase the variety of colors Samsung Galaxy S6 would be available in .

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

For more information on why should we wait for Samsung Galaxy S6 click here .

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