Tizen OS in Galaxy S6

Tizen OS in Galaxy S6

We have heard a lot about Tizen OS ,but very few people know about it. Tizen is an operating system for devices like Smartphone ,tablet, Smart TV and in-vehicle infotainment. The Tizen project is governed by Technical Steering Group consisting members of Samsung and Intel. It is an open source system aiming at improving user experience on devices.




Tizen OS is still in its initial phase and is yet to gain popularity the way Android did. Since our main topic is  on Tizen OS in Galaxy S6 , we would be explaining you about the present  scenario of the operating system and then concluding it on the futuristic terms.

Recently Tizen OS had launched it 2.2 beta version  as shown in the above picture ,since the user interface looks quite clean and simple what it misses is the apps that generally other mobile operating system have , some have more some have less. For this reason in July, Samsung had launched Tizen app challenge ,when the user are supposed to have a Tizen SDK(Software Development Kit) and create apps . Samsung has kept over $4 million in cash prize of the apps .

Since it’s in initial phases it needs time and people interest to compete in the market. HTML 5 application can also run on it .Like the Firefox OS  ,the Tizen OS  will grow along with time.

Our Futuristic View

Since its not confirmed that the Galaxy series will use Tizen OS or not ,but it may be a possibility  where Samsung would want to make its OS popular . Android have captured the market for last couple of years and still its on the top. Earlier  the iOS and Nokia’s symbian were ruling the market . Since this is pure economics and will always depend on peoples need you cant really say who will rule the market in future . Probability is less that Tizen will we used in the Samsung Galaxy S6 because it would require some more time for its popularity , but its likely possible that Samsung either starts a new series for the Tizen OS or would bring it in existence in Samsung Galaxy S7  or any other successor .

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