What not to expect from the Galaxy S6?

What not to expect from the Galaxy S6?

The much rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 is expectedly going to be a stunner of a phone, which should boast of amazing,never-before-heard of features, such as 3D OLED display. But if one expects the Galaxy S6 to have some features which border on science fiction, then he/she would be disappointed, because technology has not reached that level as of now.

So without any further wait, here is a list of things you should not expect from the highly speculated Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Expect the unexpected(but not all the way) : The rumored Galaxy should have revolutionary features like high water resistance,3d OLED display, hexacore processor etc., but don’t expect it to be a replacement for your every want and whim.
galaxy s6

Galaxy S6: Should be a beauty

  • Won’t be light on the pocket:  You would be mistaken if you think that the great features of the Galaxy S6 would come at a price which would not pinch your pocket. Samsung is expected to price this flagship device at around $800 ( or INR 55,000 approx), and thus would be steeply priced.
  • FM Radio may/may not be present:  As mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts, the Galaxy S6 could break the tradition of high-end phones without an FM radio. That being said, nothing can be said for sure, since there has been no confirmation on the Galaxy S6 from Samsung as of now, so it is a 50-50 chance that an FM radio feature may be included.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 : Will have a considerably high price tag

  •  Don’t expect it anytime soon: Although we have no word of confirmation from Samsung inc., the Galaxy S6 should not release anytime soon. If we were to predict, it should release to the general public around summer 2015, which is a long time a way from now.

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