Which will be more successful Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6?

Samsung which is a leading brand in the mobile industry is all set to launch its Galaxy  next generation smartphones. These smartphones will be best in every respect.  After the launch of Galaxy S4 the users were facing many problems like- the battery drainage issue, Wifi problems and lots more, but this time Samsung will try to cover the every minute requirement of its customers.

Which will be more successful Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6?

Rumors are there in mobile market that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched in March 2014, and Galaxy S6 will be launched in year 2015.

Though it is difficult to compare that which smartphone will get more successful but we will try to give the comparison  based on few features.

  • Weight– It has been predicted that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a weight of  around  120 grams and S6 will have a weight of 160-170 grams . As users like smartphone with lesser weight so according to us user will prefer S5 over S6.


 Samsung S5 or S6

Samsung S5 or S6


  • Wireless technology-  Till the time S5 will be launched the wireless technology will not  be fully used means there will be same audio and charging ports that will be  used in  S5. But when S6 will be launched all thing will be wireless means no audio and charging ports so users will prefer S6 more over S5.


Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6


  • Operating system- Samsung S5 will have Android 5.0 which is Lime pie but S6 will have Android 6.0 which will have more features, much better user interface, more applications  as compared to the Android 5.0 version. Thus we can say that S6 will be more preferred than S5.
Android 5.0 Lime pie

Android 5.0 Lime pie


  • Other features-  
  1.  Processor of S6 will be more powerful than the S5 processor
  2. Battery which will be used in S6 will be much more powerful than the S5 one.
  3.  S6 will have 3D camera which is  going  to attract more number of customers as compared to S5.


All these features shows that  S6 will be more successful as it will be flooded with latest technology and  latest features as compared  to S5 .

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