Special offers with Galaxy S6

Special offers with Galaxy s6

This INDEPENDENCE DAY , we bring you the special offers that might come with the TBA Samsung Galaxy S6 . But before we inform you the latest and the special offers that may come with this phone  let’s see what special offers are available with Samsung Galaxy S4 now:

  1. Samsung is providing  zero processing fee on EMI for 3 months and 6 months respectively.
  2. Buy back option is also available ,where you have to give your old Smartphone and in return an amount Rs.7000 is deducted from the actual phone price.(*applicable only on selected phones)
  3. Some sellers are providing the special cases designed for Samsung Galaxy S4.
  4. Some sellers are proving screen guard  for Samsung Galaxy S4.
  5. Some retailers provide free head set.
  6. Some sellers are providing discounted price for the phone.
  7. Some sellers are giving free Bluetooth set with this phone.
  8. During some occasions or festivals combined special offers are provided so that it attracts  more customer.
  9. Some retailers provide lucky draw so that the customer is tempted to buy the phone in order to get some other stuff.
Offer with Samsung Galaxy S6

Offer with Galaxy S6


Well the above scenario shows us that what changes are brought during special occasions or during the festive seasons so that more number of customers are attracted and more phones are sold. Not only Samsung, but other phone manufacturers follow this policy so that it increases the sale in the market and improves their company stock.

The market scenario has not been good from the past few years, the competition level has increased manifold so the offers that come along with these phones have also increased .

So looking at the above offers it is clear that future phone will also have the same stuff , and the trend is on and will never stop .The only thing that can happen is more better and awesome offers can come along with them that can’t stop you from buying these phone , same will happen Samsung Galaxy S6.

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