Samsung S6 with 2 body variants- Fibre or metal

Samsung S6 with 2 body variants- Fibre or metal

Samsung Galaxy S6 with 2 body variants :Samsung Galaxy S6 may come with two body variants along with different colours.Even though it is not a confirmed news but the predicting the possibilities anything can happen .Even though it is a over head for Samsung to may it Smartphone have two different body variants they might name the phones differently  naming . It is also being rumoured that the plastic version will still remain adding to this will be Fibre and Metal as discussed in our earlier post.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

Even though the unpacking event of Note 3 is near, it is for sure that Samsung will continue to have the future Note variants have the same type of body that Note 3 will have, depending on the changing trend. Believing in the above statement the Galaxy S series will maintain its fellowship and bring changes accordingly . Even though this is all rumoured but what we actually think is that according to our specification we told you that it is possible that Samsung Galaxy S6 would have flexible screen ,but then having a metallic body would make it quite difficult. Therefore according to our expert we think that it might be more of fibre body considering the possibility of flexibility  but if flexibility is not there in  that Smartphone ,then definitely aluminium body would be their first option.

Since our debate is on Samsung Galaxy S6 body type ,it will be totally depended on the past successful phone and how well they will be doing it in market .It is for sure that Note 3 will have nice features and it’s expected body type would be aluminium  ,if this phone will be a hit in the market then definitely it will have a metallic body else on the contrary if it fails to compete in the market it will definitely affect their future plan .


Lets see what Samsung does??

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