Latest On The Expected Samsung S5 Release Date:

Speculation is growing about Samsung’s latest offering, and the closer we get to the Samsung S5 launch, the more substantial rumours start to emerge out of the inevitable speculation. And wish fulfilment fantasies of course. So what is there to say?

Samsung s5 release date


When is it coming?

The S5 release date remains a matter of conflicting rumours.

Samsung, like most smartphone companies, usually works on a predictable schedule, releasing its products at the same time each year. The Galaxy S4 was released in March 2013, so it has long been expected that the Samsung S5 release date would come in March 2014.

However, there are now rumours that the Samsung S5 release date is being moved forward, possibly to as soon as January 2014, to steal a march on the competition. The iPhone 5s’ used 64-bit ARM architecture which is openly available for companies to use, and there could be a lot of benefit in being the first Android producer to use that technology.

But all this remains speculation, and time will tell whether habit or opportunity makes their decision.

Full metal jacket?

The Samsung S5 looks set to become their first phone with a metal casing. Catcher Technology Co, who produce metal bodies for other companies such as Apple, will reportedly be making the bodies. This puts Samsung in line with common practice among smartphone manufacturers, leaving behind their traditional plastic casings.

Close Up

The company has itself confirmed details about the improved camera that will be included in the Samsung S5 launch. This will be a 16-megapixel ISOCELL camera, using new technology that the company has been developing.

The ISOCELL sensor will supposedly improve the quality of pictures through the way that it deals with individual pixels. By creating a barrier between the pixels, it will reduce overlap in the light the pixels absorb, leading to better images. This should lead to better colour fidelity and improve shooting in poor light.

Given how integral cameras have become to the way smartphones are used, this is the sort of innovation Samsung’s customers will want to see.

Pretty as a picture

Data shared by Samsung on an Analyst Day indicates big improvements in their screens in the near future.

While ideas the company shared about screens that can fold, bend and flex like some kind of smartphone origami, this is the stuff of future products, and of tech fan dreams. But we can still expect big improvements in screen resolution over the next couple of years.

The S5 is likely to include a WQHD 2560 x 1440 display, stepping up their resolution once more. And by their 2015 release we could be looking at 3840 x 2160 resolution Ultra High Definition screens.

Other Features

There’s little to report about some of the other features Anroid fans would love to see.

There’s no word, for example, on whether the the S5 will the recent Google Nexus 5 wireless charger, the first mainstream charger that actually seems to work.

google nexus 5 wireless charger


So What Do We Really Know About The Samsung S5 Release Date?

Clearly the launch will be sometime in early 2014 and the phone will be a significant improvement to the excellent and popular S4.
There will clearly be a lot to talk about between now and when the Samsung S5 release date rolls around, but in the meantime, speculation is rife, and every little piece of information adds fuel to the fire of rumour.

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