Samsung S5 To Use Eye Scanning Security?

Rumours Of Major Security Upgrade For Samsung S5

The Samsung S5, to be released in January 2014 is rumoured to include eye scanning technology. What is this and how does it compare to the fingerprint technology in the iPad air and expected in the Samsung s6?

What Is The Samsung S5 Eye Scanner?

Eye scanning technology has long been a part of the security apparatus of the non-mobile world. An infrared beam scanning the iris – which like a fingerprint is unique to an individual – has been used in, for example, airports in the Middle East for some time.

All that is required is a strong enough infrared ‘light’, a powerful camera and the software smarts to interpret the data. The only issue for the mobile world has been cost; the technology has been far too expensive for mobile devices even for tablets and high end phones such as the Samsung S5.

As technology costs come down, however, this is set to change. Will Samsung be the first to move?

How Would This Technology Compare to Other Mobile Phone Security?

Let’s look at this and other security technology. How do they compare?

Password – Most Current Mobile Devices

Passwords are simple and have been used as security by most of the major device manufacturers for several years. They are cheap to implement and customers are used to using them. They have, of course, several well known flaws: they can be easily guessed, they have too few combinations (esp number only passcodes such as on the iphone) and rely on customers remembering them.

The search for a cost effective replacement has been on for a while.

Fingerprint – iPad Air

The iPad Air launched last week is the first major mobile device to introduce fingerprint technology via its Touch ID technology.

This was a major coup for Apple as this significantly increases the security credentials of its headline tablet. All those internal IT managers concerned about employees carrying company data on their ipads will rest a little easier, assuming the technology works.

And that’s the rub. Previous attempts at including fingerprint technology into consumer devices have been mixed. Interpretation technology relies on fingerprints being clear, not always the case with, say, greasy hands. Apple will be keen that Touch ID is not another Siri: long anticipated technology launched when not quite ready for primetime.

Iris Scanning – Samsung S5 (?)

Iris scanning –  not to be confused with retina scanning – is much more accurate. Research by the National Institute Of Science And Technology indicates that iris scanning has an error rate of 1 in 1 million: far better than fingerprinting.


In conclusion, then, should the Samsung S5 contain iris scanning it would leap well ahead of the competition. Our opinion, for what it’s worth, is that iris scanning is still too expensive. It is more likely be in the Samsung S6 rather than Samsung S5, and even then we still think that fingerprint technology will be used.

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