Samsung Galaxy SVI Design Concept

After the huge success of  Samsung Galaxy SIV in New York on 26th April 2013, this Korean company had started working on its new Galaxy series phone that is Samsung Galaxy SVI. You all must be thinking that after SIV, Samsung Galaxy SV must be launched but it is rumored that Samsung will launch SVI before SV or it will directly launch SVI next year as Samsung launches one Galaxy series phone every year .




In this article we will discuss about the Samsung Galaxy SVI Design Concept

  • Non-rectangular surface:Yes you all heard it right.! Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be rectangular in shape unlike its predecessors . This new concept may be used by the Samsung just to give a new  &  different look to the phone so that it can be liked by more number of customers.This non rectangular surface will change a trend in the Galaxy series phone as all of Galaxy series phone have rectangular shape.


  • Metal body: 

    This new phone will have metal body,most probably aluminium metal will be used as it is the lightest among the all.This metal body concept will be used in order to provide more safety to the phone. This concept have already been adapted by most of  mobile maker companies like – Sony, HTC .On the other hand this metal body concept will increase the manufacturing  cost of the phone ultimately it will effect the pocket of the buyers.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered Image

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered Image


  • Thinnest of the all: 

    It is rumored that S6 will be thinnest from all its predecessors.This new thing will  change the look and style of the new phone. This new concept will make phone more lighter and easy to carry. Thus on the whole this thinnest part in the new phone is going to attract more and more customers.



Samsung S6

Samsung S6



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