Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be one the best smartphones manufactures with new features out of the box and a powerful new processor. But what about those simple hardware related stuff that we miss out sometimes? One being wireless charging. Samsung has proudly introduced wireless charging in the Galaxy S4, but an issues persists which can empty your pocket in a matter of minutes. Galaxy S4 doesn’t come with wireless charging capabilities by default, you have to purchase a back cover specifically for wireless charging and the wireless charging dock as well, both combined together will cost around $100. For a $700 phone, an additional $100 dollar is just a waste of money, unless you are mad enough to buy one. This can only be resolved if you are an electronic genius who is an expert in induction and creating a wireless charging mechanism. The last option is not going to happen and this issue will be solved by the Samsung Galaxy S6. It will come with wireless charging by default. You don’t even need to buy a back cover for the wireless charging although it’s unsure if the charging dock will come with the phone packaging or you have to buy, which is available for around $45.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging

That’s not the end of story, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S6 will be compatible with every wireless charging dock available. If you happened to have a Nokia wireless charging dock, put you Galaxy S6 on the dock and charge your phone. Wireless charging will be one of the best features to come by default and we hope Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with wireless charging options by default.

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