Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Fingerprint sensors

Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Fingerprint sensors

Yes you all heard it right.! that Samsung will include Finger print sensors in its Galaxy next generation  smartphone that is Galaxy S6.

There have been lots of rumors in the mobile market that all the next generation smartphones will fingerprint sensor feature.

Samsung Galaxy S6 with finger print sensor

Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Fingerprint sensors


There were rumors in the mobile market that Samsung Galaxy note 3 will have Fingerprint sensors, but unfortunately it has been seen that Samsung has encountered some issues with the fingerprint sensors/readers. So the Samsung will not be able to bring the feature of Fingerprint sensors in Galaxy note3 this year.

According to the ET News (Korean Website), Samsung has made a contract with Validity Sensors  for producing the sensors . But unfortunately the company is not able to produce enough units.

In order not to disappoint its customers, Samsung will try to add the Fingerprint  sensor feature in Galaxy S6 smartphone which will come in the year 2015.

You all must be thinking that what happen if Smartphone will have Finger print sensor/reader feature.?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Now here is the answer to your question. A fingerprint sensor provides a great implementation to  any smartphone. It will provide a huge security to the mobile system. Not only this, money transactions made with the phone will also  become more safe and secure.

Last but not the least one, one should not forget that Fingerprint feature have not been employed in any of the smartphone available in the market. So if the Samsung wants to top the mobile sector then they should bring Fingerprint sensor feature as early as possible.

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