Samsung Galaxy S6 Weight

Samsung Galaxy S6 Weight

Weight has been the important criteria for buying a phone. User generally wants to buy a phone that looks good and feels light. There are some phones in the market that feel so light that you wont be able to feel them in your pockets .Those phones are kind of dangerous so carry around because it someone pick pockets you , you wont be able to understand it either.




So phone should have an appropriate weight so that you feel that there is something in your pocket as well. Not only this the dimensions of the phone also play a larger roll. The bigger the dimension the heavier the phone might become as it would require additional  hardware to support the working.



Samsung Galaxy S2 was the lightest Smartphone in its era when it was launched in 2011. After that many phones have taken this title and it keeps changing.  With weight comes a factor of durability , what generally company wants is to make the phone lighter and what they forget is the human factor. Many drop test have been to see which phone is durable. Since  Galaxy Series phones are branded the creators also think of this .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Weight

Since we expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to have an aluminum body it is expected to be heavier as compared to its previous predecessors. Since the news has still not been confirmed that whether this phone will ever launch or not , what we can only do now is sit and predict .

Since the aluminum body will play a major factor in increasing the weight of the Galaxy S6 their will be counter measures to keep its weight in check . What we may even end up seeing is a carbon fiber body of S6 in future which will drastically reduce its weight .

It is also sure that there will be enhancement in the technology in which we might also be able to see an ultra pixel camera in the future galaxy series in order to have reduced weight.

Till then what we expect its weight to be around 160-170 grams .Anything more than this will act as an disadvantage to S6 making it heavier than what we expect.

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