Samsung Galaxy S6 United States(USA) Release

Samsung Galaxy S6 United States(USA) Release

The eagerly awaited (and rumored) Samsung Galaxy S6 is being talked about a lot these days on the internet, and rightly so because of the successful Samsung Galaxy S4 released recently, and the Samsung Galaxy S5(SV) which is also rumored and speculated.

As is quite evident, the United States(US) has been a huge market for Samsung, and other smartphone manufacturers as well. The success or failure of a phone can be indicated by the sales of its handsets in the USA. Hence, Samsung would definitely look to release the rumored Galaxy S6 in the USA first.

Latest rendering of Samsung Galaxy S6 by

Latest rendering of Samsung Galaxy S6 by

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to release in the USA sometime in summer 2015(May/June).  For USA customers, the Galaxy S6 could retail for around $800, with services provided by AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint, although the 4G/5G LTE services may only be offered by Verizon and Sprint, although nothing can be said conclusively on this issue.

Though Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything regarding what their next smartphone (after Galaxy S4) will be called, the buzz surrounding the next Galaxy series smartphone is reaching its pinnacle. The customers in the USA should not have any reason to feel disappointed, as the Galaxy S6 , if and when released, will probably be available in US markets before the rest of the world.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bang For Your Buck

US citizens will be among the first to buy the Galaxy S6

Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S6 is confirmed, it can be expected that US residents will be able to purchase the handset with a minimum of a 2-year contract with any major service provider(Verizon,Sprint etc). Although premium devices come with such contracts, despite this, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be a hit among the US residents.

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