Samsung Galaxy S6: Upcoming threat to iPhone series?

Samsung Galaxy S6: Upcoming threat to iPhone series?

The above question is a valid one, and no doubt the Galaxy S6 can pose a threat to Apple’s iPhone series.

The age old “Galaxy vs iPhone” battle has been going on for several years now, starting from 2007, when the first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs. As of now, the iPhone series has a slight edge over Samsung’s Galaxy series in terms of overall sales. But given the advancements in each new Galaxy smartphone, the time is nearing when Galaxy series will ultimately overtake the iPhone sales, and eventually rule the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini VS Apple Iphone 5

Will the Galaxy S6 pose a threat to the iPhone series?

The future-proof, rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 is quite capable of posing a threat to Apple’s iPhone series, with its innovative set of unique,rumored features, such as HD Plasma display, Hexacore processor(among others). If these rumors are anything to go by, the Galaxy S6 is certainly more than capable of luring Apple enthusiasts away, to the Galaxy camp.  Also, another factor which could be in Samsung’s favor, is that Apple users have been complaining in the iPhone’s specs department, ie, not much spec changes are being done into the iPhone, whereas Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones have considerable changes in each subsequent phone.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be able to overtake the  iPhone series or not, but we have reasons to believe that yes, it may, and it can.

Apple iPhone 6 concept image

Apple could feel threatened by Samsung Galaxy S6


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