Each release of the Galaxy S series has been highly anticipated, and it is no different for the Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, the Samsung S6 may be more deserving of attention than ever. This phone is sure to shake up what we’ve come to expect from the Galaxy S Series. From flexible display and a metal casing to an octa-core processor, rumors and speculation have been flying around the internet, some more likely than others but all promising big upgrades and a smartphone that deserves the hype. Here are some things to expect from the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone including expected design, features and of course the all important price.

We’ll take care of not forgetting that we have a global readership and so will take a look at these things in the different parts of the world. And, of course, if you want to comments, or think we’ve got something wrong, don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch…

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Concept

S6 Concept

S6 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S6 would probably have the same look of Samsung Galaxy  S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 with variable screen size or it might make a mixture of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 or you might think as it giving it a Blackberry Z10 or even Samsung Galaxy Note 3 like look .

Since all the Samsung Galaxy S series have plastic body and rumors are there that NOTE 3 will have a aluminum body so as far as trend goes Samsung will supposedly follow that ,even though it might increase the weight of the phone drastically but Samsung Galaxy S series have always been criticized for its plastic body .

Samsung Galaxy S6: Expected Design

Get ready for an updated design for the S6. One area in which Samsung seems to have fallen behind rivals is in the overall look of the phone. The plastic and somewhat flimsy feel of Samsung’s S5 was not well-liked by consumers. Expect a more durable case for the Galaxy S6. Expected material for the phone casing is aluminum or graphene. One question is what this will mean for the weight. Phones have gradually gotten lighter but a more rugged casing could add weight. So, be prepared for something more sturdy but possibly not with a loss in weight. Though, of course, the use of graphene may be the best way to achieve both aims.

Smartphones have been getting bigger, with screen size expanding with the expansion of features. This is one trend that doesn’t seem close to changing. Expect the S6 to feature a 5.1’’ screen. That screen may come with another big upgrade. There has long been talk from Samsung and other sources about their experimentation with flexible display screens. So far, these curved screens have only been seen on the Galaxy Round and Galaxy Fit but might change in future releases of their flagship phone. Rumors suggest these curved screens can be ready for incorporation in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Expected Features

With each new smartphone, buyers expect things to be bigger, better, faster and even more beautiful. Samsung is aiming to satisfy all these expectations. Expect the biggest upgrades to be for the processor, camera, display and durability.

  • The camera in previous S series phones will likely be outdone. Expect the new upgrades to be a 20MP high-quality rear camera and 4-7 front camera on the Samsung S6.
  • The S5 still retained a 32 GB processor. By this point, this processor old news. With competitors already moving on, Samsung will have to upgrade to stay relevant. Considering this, a 64 GB processor is a safe bet for the S6. Rumors have suggested that an octa-core processor will be seen.
  • Despite recent use of the Tizen OS, it’s doubtful Samsung will switch from the feature-rich Android operating system at this time. Prepare for the Android 5.0 operating system with the typical Touchwiz interface. There has been some lag with the Touchwiz interface in the past, and there has certainly been complaints. It wouldn’t be surprising for Samsung to update their interface. In fact, it’s pretty necessary if they want to take advantage of upgrades.
  • A Wide Quad HD display screen with 40 ppi is expected with the 5.1’’ screen. The S5 touted a 1080 full-screen HD display. Expect the S6 to do even better with a 2560×1440 display.
  • Everyone wants their phone battery to last longer. Samsung has done well in this area before. It’s not unreasonable to expect them to keep doing better. There have been rumors that a battery life of 4000mAH is possible. There has also been rumors of a 5000mAH battery being prepared for the S6. The first is more likely.
  • For more ways to keep smartphones running longer, expect this phone to incorporate wireless charging capabilities. Samsung has criticized competitors for their recharging needs. Adding this technology would be a great step forward.
  • There will be options for 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage. Also available will be 256 GB of storage available via microSD.
  • The fingerprint scanner was introduced in the S5. It wasn’t a huge success, but it was a start. The S6 will continue to include this feature, though hopefully reworked to be a bit less finicky.
  • For network features, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE are all expected to be supported by the S6.
  • Expect the new screen to be Gorilla Glass. Again, this is about Samsung’s lack of durability in previous phones. Gorilla Glass and a sturdier casing would be well-received by buyers.
  • The S5 had some water resistance, something that has long been rumored to be a feature of the S6. People are now looking forward to the Galaxy S6 being completely waterproof. Is this likely? Maybe. Slight water resistance has been around since the S4 Active. It’s not unreasonable to think Samsung will take it farther in a phone that rumours suggest will be touting some big changes.

Expected Price

Samsung smartphones are always on the high-end when it comes to price. Expect this one to be no different. In fact, it’s likely to be a little more expensive than previous phones in the Galaxy S series. Expect something from USD 750 to 800. Here are the expectations around the world:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In India : Rs 55,000/-(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In UK: $800(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Canada : $800(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In US: $800(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Denmark :5000 Danish Krone(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Italy: Euro 674(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In China : 5501.15 Chinese Yuan(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Russia: 29654.18 Russian Ruble (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Australia: (997.205 Australian Dollar (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Korea: 1004617.52 South Korean Won (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Singapore: 1139.105 Singapore Dollar (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Malaysia: 2924.790 Malaysian Ringgit (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Sri Lanka: 118357.85 Sri Lankan Rupee (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Belgium : Euro 674(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Germany : Euro 674(approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In South Africa: 8925.57 South African Rand (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In New Zealand: 1134.925 New Zealand Dollar (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Indonesia: 9243055.58 Indonesian Rupiah (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Iraq : $800 (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Iran : $800 (approx)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In Hong Kong : 6972.90 Hong Kong Dollar(approx)

Expected Release Date

Official release date is not expected to be announced until the MWC 2015 at the beginning of March. Samsung has got into a release pattern with it’s smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date was in April of 2014. It’s likely the next S series smartphone will continue to follow this schedule with a release date in April of 2015.

If you’re looking for pre-order dates, here are the possible pre-order dates:
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In USA : January 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Canada: January 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In India: February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In United Kingdom( UK ): February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Italy(and Rest of Europe): February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Denmark: January 2015
China: February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Russia: January 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Hong Kong: February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In South Africa: February 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date In Australia: January 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification Update Or Specs

Here are some of expected specs:
Mobile networks : 2G/3G/4G LTE,5G
Connectivity : 3.5mm headphone jack(may have this), USB
Wireless connectivity : Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Special :  Wifi features DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Dual-Band
Navigation : Digital compass, GPS/A-GPS(via Google Maps application)
Dimension : 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm
Weight : 160-170 grams
Wireless Charging : YES
CPU : Exynos 5 hexa core processor with 6 core ARM-Mali T628
RAM : 4GBMemory32 / 64 / 128 GB
Display:3D OLED (Organic LED) foldable screen, TouchWiz User Interface (16M colors) & and Water & Dust Resistant screen protection
Camera(primary): 20 megapixel rear side camera with autofocus and LED
Camera(secondary) :  4-7 MP front facing camera & smart-eye tracking.
Operating System:Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or Samsung’s Tizen Operating System or Firefox OS

And more:

Multimedia : S Message free messaging service (for Samsung’s Android device users), Fingerprint scanner, MP3/ WAV/ eAAC+ player, MP4/ WMV/ H.264/ H.263 player, Organizer, Document viewer, Image/ video editor, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Voice memo/ dial/ commands, YouTube, Calendar, Picasa, Google Talk, Predictive text input, Tethering, Computer sync, OTA sync.
Battery : Li-Ion, 4000 mAh (expected)
Sensors : Barometer, Proximity, gyro sensors, accelerometer, infrared, air gesture sensors.

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