Samsung Galaxy S6: Speakers details

Samsung Galaxy S6: Speakers details

Few years back Samsung was struggling for its position in the mobile industry, but  today it is  considered as the one of the leading brands in mobile sector. Launching of Galaxy series phones has played a main role in making Samsung a leading brand.The main reason for the huge success of Samsung is the consistent focus on fulfilling the customers requirements and  needs.


samsung galaxy s6

samsung galaxy s6


This time it has been rumored that Samsung is going make changes in the speaker of the new Galaxy series phone that is Galaxy S6.

In this article we will try to give you the idea of  Sound system that will be used in the Galaxy S6.

It has been rumored on the web that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Stereo speakers. Using of Stereo speakers will lead to the  increase in the clarity and the sound quality of the smartphone. But one should not forget that stereo speakers will also lead to the increase in the overall development cost of  the new S6 , thus it will ultimately effect the pocket of the buyers.


galaxy s6

galaxy s6


If the Samsung uses stereo speakers in its new s6 then the cost of the new phone will get increased by approx $50, which according to us is useless to pay. So we discard this possibility for our new flagship-smartphone.

According to us the Korean  company should provide the top notch headphones with S6 in order to enhance the experience of the user so that he could get fell the good quality sound while he is playing games, listening music or watching any videos.

Last but not the least is that Samsung should make S6 as much cheaper as  possible as it will help the company to win the race in the mobile market.

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