Samsung Galaxy S6 : Slimmest phone in its class

Samsung Galaxy S6 : Slimmest phone in its class ? Yes, it is quite possible and very likely.

The Galaxy S6 from the house of Korean giant Samsung is one of the most talked about rumored concept phones recently across the internet. And among the various cutting-edge,speculated features of the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is also expected to be the most slim,if not the slimmest smartphone in its class.

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Galaxy S6 : It will be a beauty

The rumored Galaxy S6 dimensions are 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm (detailed dimensions here). Hence, at approximately 6.9 mm, the Samsung Galaxy S6 should be quite a good-looking device, which would be a millimetre thinner than the recent Samsung Galaxy S4, which is a sign of Samsung’s technological prowess.

Samsung’s speculated venture, the Galaxy S6 is also expected to be quite lightweight, weighing in at a rumored 130gm (approx). Although other phones in its class are expected to be weighing similar to the Galaxy S6, purchasing the Samsung device would be far more value-for-money due to its amazing features.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is could be the slimmest among all its competitors

The S6 smartphone is expected to be far slimmer and lighter as compared to its peers such as Apple iPhone 5c, HTC One Max etc. Since nothing has been confirmed regarding any of these phones by the respective manufacturers, we can merely provide the closest speculations regarding these phones as dictated by public opinion across the web.

Manufacturing slim smartphones has been Samsung’s strong point in recent years, starting with the very successful Galaxy S2, and the Subsequent Galaxy S3 and S4. It can be expected that Samsung will carry on the tradition of creating smartphones having a nice form factor, and very soon, we may expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be confirmed with approximately similar dimensions as discussed above.


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