Samsung Galaxy S6 Secrets: Exposed

Samsung Galaxy S6 Secrets: Exposed!

Yes, you heard it right! For the first time ever, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6, expected to be a powerhouse performer, has its elusive secrets unveiled (rumored, of course).

The recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 had several secret features, which were so many in number that users did not even know a majority of the features which the Galaxy S4 was capable of.  This in a way, defeated the purpose of having so many features in a single smartphone, as much of these features weren’t documented for ease of use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News

Samsung Galaxy S6 features exposed for the first time!

As expected the new ,rumored and speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 will have much more features than the Galaxy S4. For this specific reason ,we present the following secret features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will presumably have when it is released sometime in summer 2015(rumored release date).

Galaxy S6 Secrets:

1. Galaxy S6 TV remote feature:  The Samsung Galaxy S6  will have an infrared port, which will double up as a TV remote, which could be used to remotely access television functions within a specific range.


2. Stock Photo Editor: If rumor mills are to be believed, the Galaxy S6 will have a pre-installed, stock photo editor feature, which could be used to enhance photograph quality and appearance.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6: Will probably have an efficient stock photo editor


3.  Enhanced S Translator: The Galaxy S6 is expected to have an advanced version of the S Translator, with added support for nearly 50 extra languages.


4. USB 3.0 Connectivity:  As we all know that a USB featured smartphone is the need of the hour, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with  a USB 3.0 port for fast data storage/transfer.


5. XBOX One connectivity: We all know how much you love your gaming console. To address this issue, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could have XBOX One gaming console connectivity, with one auxiliary controller.


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