Samsung Galaxy S6: Screen Details

Samsung Galaxy S6: Screen Details

As soon as you see any phone, your eyes go straight at the screen and you start analyzing its dimensions, pixel density, technology etc.

A moderately sized screen is the first thing that excites many people when they purchase any smartphone. A phone with too small a screen doesn’t bring about the same interest as everything you see on it seems so small with low resolution that it looks highly unattractive.


Samsung Galaxy SVI

Samsung Galaxy SVI


If resolution is low then too big a screen is also not good in its display and what we feel is if someone really wants to buy a phone with big screens then why not buy a tablet instead (ignoring their own size)?

Our main area of focus here is the screen of S6.


flexible oled screen

flexible oled screen


As per our knowledge it is expected to have:

  • A 5.7 inch OLED screen (Organic light emitting diode with emissive electroluminescent layer). An OLED screen has some advantages over flat LCD displays like better efficiency to go with lower cost, improved brightness and viewing angles along with faster response time and most important is its light weight.
  • It is also expected to have a stupendous full HD 1920 X 1200 OLED screen with pixel density of 500 ppi+.
  • Samsung is even thinking of bringing it out as a 3D foldable screen with water and dust resistant protection.

Stay tuned for much more….

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