Samsung Galaxy S6 : Will it be a rugged or delicate smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S6 : Will it be a rugged or delicate smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S6 is yet to be launched, so there must be lots of questions or queries coming into the minds of the interested buyers of S6.

One of the main question which will come into every one’s mind is that “Samsung Galaxy S6 : Will it be a rugged or delicate smartphone?”

Now here is the answer to your question. Samsung galaxy S6 will be a rugged smartphone.

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Here are some points which will support my answer-

  • The brand name which is  going to launch it is Samsung , this means Samsung will not  do anything which  could negatively effect the image of Samsung in the mobile market. This all means that Samsung will use the best quality material for the new Galaxy S6. Not only this Samsung will try to make new S6 as much rough n tough as possible so that S6 could satisfy needs of  its users.


  •   The main factor which decide that whether a phone  is rugged or delicate is its body material. In order to make Galaxy S6 a rugged phone Samsung will be using metal for making the body of the  S6  phones, specially Aluminium metal( as it is lighter). Though the cost of the new S6 will get increased which will ultimately effect the pockets of the buyer, but using of metal body will provide more safety and security.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered Image

Samsung Galaxy S6



  •         Samsung could also use a fiber material in place of the plastic material( which is currently used) . Fiber material do have tensile strength and will help in reducing the overall development cost.
flexible oled screen

Samsung Galaxy S6

  •  Other factors which make Samsung Galaxy a rugged smartphone are-


  • Using of Gorilla glass- Mainly  for the protection of screen


  •   Waterproof phone– You can keep S6  smartphone in 3feet water for approx 30-40 minutes and the phone won’t get damaged. This feature will help the users to click underwater  pictures  .
Galaxy Skin

Galaxy S6

  • Shock proof phone- Helps to protects phone from shocks.


  • Water-resistant earphone jack 


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