Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date 2014 Possibilities

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date 2014 Possibilities

Just couple of weeks ago Samsung revealed that they are launching next Galaxy S5 smartphone in Jan 2014 and a big excitement is already built with the continuous rumors that followed the last couple of months. But few sources on the web have confirmed that we might see two Galaxy S flagship smartphone in 2014. Yes, you are guessing right, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 would be launched in 2014. There are many reasons behind it and few of the reasons are discussed below.

Samsung released Galaxy S4 in March 2014 and a boom came in the Samsung sales just after the release but within few months the competition pressure has reduced the total sales with a pace, however Galaxy Note 3 is on the record sales but Galaxy S smartphone unit is facing the reduction in the sales and this all has made Samsung to launch next Galaxy S5 smartphone in Jan and it was reported by the official Korean times. If Samsung is launching next Galaxy S smartphone in Jan does it mean, Galaxy S6 would be releasing in 2014.

The answer for the above question is yes, because there is maximum possibility that Samsung would be launching Samsung S6 in 2014. The possibility can be measured from the past record. If Jan would be the Galaxy S5 release date then again competition will try to overcome S5 because other manufacturers will also try to bring something different and bigger the can cross the performance of S5.

If we judge the cycle of S4, it started in the March and it gained hikes and now after the launch of big smartphone such as iPhone 5S, Xperia Z1 it seems like, S4 is at the half level of these smartphones because the specifications of these smartphone are not only latest but the software and hardware optimization is max.  And history could repeat in the case of S5 also and again Samsung will need Galaxy S6 to support the hikes in the sales in 2014.

According to market analysts also, there is max possibility that Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 in 2014 or Samsung have to launch it in 2014, no choices. This was all about Galaxy S6 release date, you may subscribe us to get all revealed information right into your mail box.


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