Samsung Galaxy S6 RAM

Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be one the best smartphones manufactured with new features coming out of the box and a powerful new processor. But what about those simple hardware related stuff that we miss out sometimes? One being RAM  ( Random Access Memory). According to the rumors, Korean company is expected to install a 4 GB RAM module or even more in this upcoming flagship-smartphone.


Samsung S6 is expected with a 4GB RAM

Samsung S6 is expected with a 4GB RAM


Samsung has already started-producing the high speed-RAM modules for its upcoming smartphones & the tablets. These RAM modules are expected to be launched at the end of this year. The speed of 4 GB RAM could go up to 2133 mega bits per second, which comes out to be an another shock for struggling Apple’s smartphones. With this speed, S6 is expected to surpass all the other smartphones available in the market. Samsung’s another high-end smartphone Note 3 is also expected with a 4 GB RAM module.

Besides a 4GB RAM, Galaxy S6 is expected to come with an internal memory of 32/64/128 GB.

Also, this smartphone is featured to have a Exynos 5 hexa-core processor with a 6 core ARM-Mali T628 besides a 4GB RAM.  This hexa core processor gives this phone 50 percent more CPU-Power with over twice 3D graphics. This Samsung processor is sure to deliver a high end-graphics processing system.
It will also cut down the power-consumption, according to Korean based company. Samsung S6′s multi usage processing will boost the clock-speed to 1.6GHz.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


So in the terms of getting an option-out of Samsung Galaxy S6 RAM you have everything, don’t you ?

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