Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India  

Samsung has received a very excellent response in field of smartphones from the Indian market.  Because of this, recently  Samsung India has gained the first position in the mobile market in India. Samsung is expecting more number of customers  from India for its upcoming mobiles. After getting huge information on Galaxy S6 specification, features now its the time to find out the  price of Galaxy S6 .

Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 

Indian market always have to bear a higher price for the Samsung smartphones. This is  due to the fact that Samsung smartphones are  not  manufactured in India ,they are only assembled in India . This ultimate increases the cost of smar phones  in Indian market. Other reason is that Samsung smartphones are made in European/ American countries as a result of which their cost are set in dollars which when converted into the Indian currency cost alot to the Indian users.

Now here the question arises that what will be the price of Galaxy s6 in India..?




It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be having a price of Rs- 55000/- in Indian market . This price is much higher than its predecessor as Galaxy S2 was priced  around  Rs-21ooo,  S3 at Rs- 250000,while Galaxy S4 is  Rs- 29000.

The Galaxy series smartphone which will be launched before S6 is Galaxy S5 and is rumored that it will also have lesser price than the Galaxy S6, it will  priced around Rs- 35000 to 40000/-.

The higher price of Galaxy S6 is due to its unique and different features like-  5G support system, Wireless charging , powerful battery backup,metal body and lots more other features which are not yet used  by Samsung in its available smartphones.

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