Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Asia

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Asia

Samsung S6 Smartphone hype of rumored concept is increasing day by day and today, we have come with a special report on how the Galaxy SVI expected price across the Asia can look like. Galaxy S6 price will be a big challenge for Samsung ; especially in the part of Asia as Samsung expect most of its Smartphones to do well in Asia due to its large market opportunities and the Korean Giant has already rocked the Smartphone world with its Galaxy Series. And not to forget Galaxy SVI price is one of the craziest-news the smartphone lovers are looking for!

Galaxy S6 Price

Galaxy S6 Price

Let us look how the Galaxy S6 Price in Asia would look like :

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India – Galaxy SVI Price : Rs 57,000

Sri Lanka – Galaxy SVI Price : 119500.85 Sri Lankan Rupee

China – Galaxy SVI Price : 5501.15 Chinese Yuan

Singapore – Galaxy SVI Price : 1199.105 Singapore Dollar

Malaysia – Galaxy SVI Price : 2994.790 Malaysian Ringgit

Indonesia – Galaxy SVI Price : 9743055.58 Indonesian Rupiah

Iraq – Galaxy SVI Price : $850

Iran – Galaxy SVI Price : $850

Nepal – Galaxy SVI Price : 86980.50 Nepalese Rupee

Pakistan – Galaxy SVI Price : 89071.50 Pakistani Rupee

Bhutan – Galaxy SVI Price : $850

Maldives – Galaxy SVI Price : $850

Hong Kong – Galaxy SVI Price : 6590.99 Hong Kong Dollar

Korea – Galaxy SVI Price : 1005617.52 South Korean Won

Russia – Galaxy SVI Price : 29854.18 Russian Ruble

Japan –  Galaxy SVI Price : 84473.00 Japanese Yen

Bangladesh – Galaxy SVI Price : $850

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Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

The higher price of Galaxy S6 is due to its unique and different features like 5G support system, Wireless charging , powerful battery backup,metal body and lots more other features which are not yet used  by Samsung in its available smartphones.

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