Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Across The World

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

The Korean Giant has already rocked the smartphone world with its Galaxy Series and Samsung Galaxy S6 price is one of the craziest-news the smartphone gurus are looking for! Today, we have come with a special report on how the Samsung Galaxy S6 expected prices across the world can look like.

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Samsung Galaxy S6 price information across the different countries –


            Country             Expected Price
India Rs. 55,000/-(approx)
USA $800(approx)
Canada $800(approx)
Korea 1004617.52 South Korean Won (approx)
Denmark 5000 Danish Krone(approx)
Russia 29654.18 Russian Ruble (approx)
Singapore 1139.105 Singapore Dollar (approx)
Indonesia 9243055.58 Indonesian Rupiah (approx)
Australia 997.205 Australian Dollar (approx)
Sri Lanka 118357.85 Sri Lankan Rupee (approx)
516.30 British Pound Sterling
Belgium / Germany / Italy Euro 674(approx)
China 5501.15 Chinese Yuan(approx)
South Africa 8925.57 South African Rand (approx)
Iraq / Iran $800 (approx)
New Zealand 1134.925 New Zealand Dollar (approx)
Hong Kong 6972.90 Hong Kong Dollar(approx)
Malaysia 2924.790 Malaysian Ringgit (approx)

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