Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre-Order

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre-Order

No one except for Samsung has an idea, as to whether or not it would come up with its Galaxy S6 handset.

So it is highly unlikely that anyone would be thinking of pre-ordering or even thinking of it. But to remind you all there are many android lovers in this world, which can be judged from the fact that, Galaxy S4 bookings were delayed just after its announcement, due to excessive bookings in many countries.


S6 preorder

S6 preorder


Due to increasing demands of Samsung gadgets, stay rest assured that if and when, the day Samsung S6 is announced, the number of advance bookings will touch all new heights, breaking all the records coming its way.

S6 is likely to shake the smartphone industry with its ace specifications and appealing features. It is correctly understood by many and they have even started imagining it with top-notch looks to go with better camera, high RAM, improved sound quality and waterproof and dustproof body.

Samsung has always had a huge impact on market and is likely that it would be making arrangements to manage the accommodation of its upcoming gadgets like S5 and S6 by signing contracts with many mobile outlets like Sprint, AT & T, Vodafone etc.




It is likely to be released in 150+ countries approximately so if you are thinking of pre-ordering this smartphone later in future then, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog as we will be keeping you updated regularly about the announcement, best deals, prices and pre-orders.

Note: Pre-order price is likely to range between 40K to 45K (subject to change).

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