Samsung Galaxy S6 : A Phone Or A Phablet ?

Recently Samsung had launched its new Galaxy Mega series namely  Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3 have screen size nearly of about 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch .A question that afloat’s now is whether Samsung Galaxy S6 will be just a Phone or a Phablet?  As per as what our site’s specification say that Samsung Galaxy S6  is supposed to have a 6 inch screen .

Samsung Galaxy SVI

Samsung Galaxy SVI

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Earlier mobile devices didn’t have screen ,and with time they stared having  screen bigger and better. Screen became a symbol of status with time .

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Then came the tablets with even bigger screen  and the fan following of tablet increased with the Apple’s IPAD series .We know that a device is called a tablet if it has a 7 inch screen or plus. Even though there are mini versions of the tablet having less than 7 inch screen but they still are tablets.


After the tablet evolution came the term Phablet .As the name itself says Phone +Tablet  .It specifically means that a tablet that can also be used as phone and has features of phone is called a PHABLET .


Now since our futuristic experts say that S6 is supposed to have a 6.0 inch HD screen  it’s definitely going to be a Phablet, even though Samsung has a genuine series of Phablet running along with it called the Samsung Note Series  which is truly a Phablet.  Although Note series phone are designed specifically for being a Phablet, Samsung Galaxy S6 wont stay behind either , with its specification and screen size just a inch smaller than the standard tablet it would work altogether the same .

The feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will make it even more durable to be used as a Phone as well as tablet .Even though A 6 inch screen would look awkward holding near your ears ,but what I think Samsung will work on the looks or the way it has to be used while talking , May be that’s why  there are rumors that Samsung will be working on the wireless technology and would be having no audio jack so that it doesn’t make people feel awkward holding a 6 inch phone near their ear .Even though the Mega series  was not able to make its mark in the market plus after watching the mega series Samsung should try to improve upon the looks of the phone and ways to make it look better while holding it .


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