Samsung Galaxy S6 Over iPhone 6: Of course, Here Are 7 Reasons

Samsung Galaxy S6 Over iPhone 6, a tough choice to make indeed. Both smartphone manufacturers gives the user the best of the best devices, with top of the line specs and premium look ( which is a positive on the Apple side). But when it comes to performance, no company matches Samsung, and this is one of the reasons to why Samsung is branded the King of Smartphones manufacturing companies. Apple on the other hand focuses on premium build, iPhone being a non-luxurious phone costa a lot of money, but that’s the case of Apple. But when it comes to choices, the common user gets stuck like in a bootloop. In this post we focus on making that decision much more easier. Here are 7 reasons as to why you should get the Samsung Galaxy S6 rather than the iPhone 6:

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  1. The first reason is quite the obvious one, operating system. Android is on the pinnacle of success and for the next coming 3 years no other OS will match that grade. Combine the buttery smooth Android™ 6.0 with a Hex-Core A-15 chipset, you will get performance like no other.
  2. Fingerprint scanner, Apple and Samsung is currently working on it, but Samsung has filed a patent and if reports are true, we will be seeing it very soon.
  3. Halo and floating widgets, a missing feature in Apple.
  4. Touch Gestures, with eye tracking and other gestures.
  5. Voice control your phone. Unlock, send mail, messages or do anything without even touching the phone.
  6. Screen size, at 6.0 inches and a resolution of 3200×1800, Apple doesn’t stand a chance.
  7. Dust, Waterproof and Shockproof. It will take Apple some time to get into the swing of these things.

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