Samsung Galaxy S6 –Why do we need one ?

Samsung Galaxy S6 –Why do we need one?

The fifth generation successor of Galaxy S Series is coming soon, and tech-geeks have already started discussing about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Indeed, it has been creating a lot of widespread rumors around the internet world and taken the minds of smartphone enthusiasts by storm due to its extra-amazing features predicted by some self-acclaimed pundits.

Now, the question is when S5 will be such a fantastic gadget, why do we need Samsung Galaxy S6? Let’s discuss the top 3 reasons for the same and try to figure out what major improvements can we see from S5 to S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Major Investment for a Fan

These phones are not like Nokia Asha which comes at a lower price range.  If you have to buy Samsung Galaxy S6, you need to have $800+ in your pocket, which is not an easy investment. Even if you know how to take a contract deal, it comes with EMIs you have to bear. Thus, one needs the best features in this one-time investment. You must note that here we are talking simply about a fan of gadgets, not a businessman who can afford lots of it.

Cut-Throat Competition in Market

From variety of smartphone manufacturers like HTC and Apple the Korean giant gets a lot of competition and even if any new release doesn’t happen in 6 months, fans will almost forget about Samsung and its brand name in the market, which calls for regular releases of smartphone like Galaxy S6 and phablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Eradicating the Cons of S5 through Galaxy S6

This is another reason why we need Samsung S6. With so many expectations and technological advancements, critics always somehow find some scope of upgradations even in the best mobile phones. And S5 is not an exception. Some say that the flexible display technology won’t feature in this phone, but in S6, while others say that fingerprint sensors will find no place in Samsung’s smartphone so early. So how was it possible in Apple’s iphone 5S?

We only have to wait for S5’s release and the rumors for S6 will start flowing in like wind. There is hardly reason to wonder why people are expecting Samsung Galaxy S6, and I think till now you have enough idea of the fact that the smartphone innovations and advancements are here to stay with us forever. is our friend-site who writes about Galaxy S6 specs, review & release date. Keep reading and keep coming back!

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