Samsung Galaxy S6 Myths

The eagerly awaited Samsung flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6, after the successful run of its predecessors, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5(to be announced), has already evoked much interest and anticipation among  fanboys and loyalists alike. As with all eagerly awaited devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is being talked about increasingly on major social media( Check our Twitter handle @S6Samsung , and Facebook fan page: and thus has certain myths circulating about it. These “Samsung Galaxy S6 Myths” are totally based on fan speculation. That being said, several myths can actually turn out to be actual attributes of the Samsung Galaxy S6, when it releases sometime in summer 2015(speculation). Till then quench your thirst with these Galaxy S6 myths and rumors!

Gigapixel camera may alter the Galaxy S6's design

Gigapixel camera may alter the Galaxy S6’s design


Various myths surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Myths


  1.  Metallic Unibody design: Samsung has been panned in several forums regarding the repetitive design, and its “plasticky” and flimsy feel in the hand. The Samsung Galaxy S6, on the other hand, is believed to break this tradition, and may actually be constructed of a sturdy metallic material like aluminium, ie, along the lines of the Apple iPhone. (Watch this space for an iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 comparison here) . The Galaxy S6 thus would feel a lot more premium as opposed to the previous Galaxy S4 and S5(TBA summer 2014). (For Galaxy S6 concept images, click here).
  2. Non-replaceable battery and non- removable back cover: As we say speculation gives rise to myths, we expect that if the Galaxy S6 has an aluminium body, then it probably will have a fixed battery which cannot be replaced. Though this change might shock existing Samsung users, it’s not expected to be a deal breaker.
  3. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie :  The operating system running the Samsung Galaxy S6 would most definitely be Android, but which version of it, that is uncertain. Social media is rife with guesses that it might run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, but may even run a newer version of Android OS, if and when it releases.
  4. Efficent Hexacore processor:  The S6 is rumored to run a massively powerful  hexacore  processor, which provides better power efficiency and memory management as compared to its predecessors. This speculation is quite believable, since the S4  sports an octacore processor. We too believe its gonna be a monster!
  5. Full HD Plasma display and gigapixel camera: Though a longshot, there is a distant possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may sport a never-before-implemented Gigapixel camera with advanced optics(OIS) and it also render other phone displays obsolete with its full HD 1920×1200 OLED screen.

We at will be regularly updating the site , so watch this space. Remember, these Samsung Galaxy S6 myths can be true!

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