Samsung Galaxy S6 Myths updated

Samsung Galaxy S6 Myths updated

As per our latest August update as you would have seen , there are various rumors that would have interested you  in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 . Well here there are some more rumors along with the specific description that might support the point of the rumors.

Even though there are some rumors like Intel Haswell processors that would come along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is unlikely possible because of the Samsung’s Exynos series that could probably come along with it.

It is also unlikely possible that it would use Firefox OS but the probability is very high it would be using some latest edition of the Android that would come along at that time . It is also possible that it would switch to Tizen OS if it gains popularity, even though this is also very unlikely to happen.

Well as per our futuristic expert they suggest there can be some more modification in the design and the touch would get better manifold. It is expected that  it would have  10 point touch or more (which is practically useless  to have) ,like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

In Samsung Galaxy S6  it is also rumored that the calling clarity would also increase manifold and call quality will be a standard and not a feature. The noise reduction facility would go to the next level.

Our futuristic expert also believe that it will support USB 3.0  which would increase the data transfer rate from system to mobile and mobile to system. Even though it is believed that that using USB 3.0 would be practically of no use in Samsung Galaxy S6. The experts also suggest that the sensors would have a better functionality considering the range it works on .

Now since rumors are rumors keep thinking more and more and even suggest us.

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