Technology major Samsung is rumored to launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini, as a followup to its bigger counterpart, the Galaxy S6(speculated S6 specs here). The company recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S4,which is proving to be a huge hit with the Android using population. It is being speculated that Samsung will directly manufacture the Galaxy S6 after the S4, thereby bypassing the S5. Thus it is natural to expect a Galaxy S6 mini to be produced consequently.

Galaxy s6 mini concept

Galaxy s6 mini concept


The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is expected to pack a punch like the Galaxy S6, but in a smaller form factor. The rumored specifications for the S6 mini are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini specs


1. Quad core A7 processor:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini can be expected to pack a quad core A7 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, which can be considered as pretty decent for a processor.


2. 720p Plasma screen:

The S6 mini is expected to cut down on the resolution from its bigger sibling, with a 720 p Plasma screen(instead of the 1080p Plasma screen on the Galaxy S6). In any case, the display, needless to say, will be vibrant and life-like.


3. 4.7 inch IPS screen:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini  supposedly will have a brilliant 4.7 inch screen with In-plane Switching(IPS). This feature will be a sure-shot crowd puller, if the rumors are proven to be true.

4. Bluetooth 4.0(high speed transfer) :

It is quite possible that the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini could effectively carry out blazing fast data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0, the latest version of Bluetooth available as of now.


5. USB 3.0 support :

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is rumored to incorporate the USB feature in mobile technology, which hasn’t been implemented thus far in any phone. Thus,an addition of the fast USB 3.0 port in the Galaxy S6 mini would be a boon to users, who may be able to connect USB flash drives and other devices, if a port is added.

6. Pricing:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is expected to bear a price tag similar to the Galaxy S6, which is rumored to retail at around $350-$400.  Though nothing as of now has been confirmed by Samsung inc, these price estimations can be termed as quite realistic.


7. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie:

The S6 mini is expected to run on Android 5.0, the same as in the Galaxy S6(rumored,yet again).

Samsung Galaxy s6

The S6 mini could run on Android 5.0, like the S6(rumored image inset)


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