Samsung Galaxy: S6 vs S6 Mini

Samsung Galaxy: S6 vs S6 Mini

More often than not Samsung has tried to offer an affordable smartphone just after the release of its Galaxy S series smartphone by releasing its mini version. So S6 Mini is likely to be a reality a few months after the release of its counterpart Samsung S6.


s6 mini vs s6

s6 mini vs s6


It is battle between the mini version and its bigger counterpart.


s6 vs s6 Mini

s6 vs s6 Mini

  • Processor: S6 mini whenever announced is expected to have a quad-core A7 processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumoured to have a very powerful Exynos 5 Hexa-core processor with 6 core ARM-Mali T628 thereby enhancing the CPU power.
  • Display: As discussed over and over again S6 would be having a full HD 5.7 inch 1200p screen, whereas on the other hand it’s younger brother S6 Mini would come up with 720p Plasma and 4.7 inch IPS screen.
  • Price: S6 is expected to cost 40K whereas, to challenge it S6 mini would cost somewhere near about 37K (prices are likely to vary).
  • RAM: While S6 is likely to come up with 4GB RAM, its mini version is expected to have 2GB RAM.
  • Camera: With S6 already very much likely to come up with 17 MP rear camera, therefore its mini version might come up with a 12 MP camera with 4K capabilities.
  • Battery: As far as battery capacity is concerned, S6 Mini would have 2400mAh capacity in comparison to 5000mAh of S6.

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