Samsung Galaxy S6 — Gesture Controlled Apps

Samsung Galaxy S6 | Launching Soon With Exciting Preloaded Apps | Gesture Controlled Apps

There is hardly any doubt to the fact that Samsung has come up as a top contender in the smartphone market lately. With its latest Galaxy S Series of phones, it has managed to surpass the likes of top manufacturing companies like Apple and HTC. According to some sources, Samsung has specially hired a team that will design the applications only for Galaxy S6. This means that the new Galaxy SVI will come up with new exclusive preloaded applications that will run on this Smartphone only. Isn’t that amazing !

Samsung Galaxy S6 Preloaded Apps

Samsung Galaxy S6 Preloaded Apps


The new features in Samsung Galaxy S6 will make this Smartphone to stand out from the crowd.  The new features that are expected in Galaxy S6 are :

  1. 20 MP Primary Camera
  2. 4-7 MP Secondary camera (looking at the future advancement)
  3. 64 GB for sure internal memory
  4. Memory Expandable up to 128 GB
  5. Android Milkshake or Tizen OS
  6. Gorilla Glass
  7. Metallic Body(Aluminum Body )
  8. May have Intel Processors after the Haswell series have launched
  9. Battery till 4000mAh Possible
  10. Wireless charging ,better than what’s possible in the Nokia 920
  11. It may also have flexible glass
  12. Battery may last upto 36 hrs in standby Mode
  13. Blink to click photograph.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

There are also rumors that Samsung S6 will have even more advanced features that will completely change the user’s experience. The gesture controlled feature is also in the pipeline, as Samsung is planning to develop applications that may also include some games. But these new-apps will only be available on S6. Samsung S6 will release in 2015, so the developers have ample time to bring-out something unique, innovative & interesting.

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