Position of Samsung in mobile market after the launch of S6

Position of Samsung in mobile market after the launch of S6

Recent news reveled that Samsung has taken the top most position in India replacing the Nokia in the Indian mobile market.According to a survey Samsung witnessed a 14.17% growth year on year to 35,946 crore in  the year 2012-2013.
But if we consider the whole world scenario then we will come to know that Samsung is still struggling to get the 1st position in the mobile market of the world.

samsung galaxy s6

samsung galaxy s6

Though there is  a rapid increase in the users of Samsung mobiles, but still Samsung mobiles are lacking something,something which attracts more customers, something that produces an eye catching effect.

On the other hand Apple  which is a leading brand in mobile industry  is constantly busy in attracting more and more no of customers. It has been seen that  users of Apple are increasing day by day.

Previously Apple phones or Iphones were considered only for the upper class people, but now middle class people are also showing their interest in the  Apple phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

If the Samsung wants to attract more no of customers then they should constantly focus on some of the main factors like-Price, quality. Samsung should keep its price as much minimum as much possible. The price of Samsung smartphones should be less then the price of the Apple’s Iphones.

It has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a great effect  on the image of Samsung in the mobile industry. It has been seen that  launching of Galaxy series smartphones has helped Samsung in getting a better position in mobile world.

Samsung is constantly working harder to get the top postion in mobile world and we all hope  that it will gain the 1st position after the launch of Galaxy 6 th generation smartphone that is Galaxy S6.

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