Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch | Price | Specs | Rumors And Everything You Need To Know October Update

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch | Price | Specs | Rumors And Everything You Need To Know October Update

It does not matter how good the present generation-smartphone is, as smartphone lovers are always looking for the ‘next big thing‘. The Galaxy S4 has proven to be an extraordinary gadget that has sold-millions, but that has not stopped many of us from giving their guesses as to what extend the all new Samsung Galaxy S6 can look like.

Well we are here to tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch Date, Price, Specs, Rumors And Everything You Need To Know in our October Update.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


Galaxy SVI Launch Date

Even though this is no official news, but it is possible that its launch date would be somewhere near around March 2015 as we expect. There are also some rumors that suggest that even Samsung S6 would release in 2014. But if we try to answer this question by pure-logic, it is obvious that the (rumored) Galaxy S5 will precede the (yet again, rumored) Galaxy S6. But Samsung can come up with a surprise by releasing the Galaxy S6 first, since in several of the Galaxy S6 concept images circulating on the internet, it aims to “Let us skip the boring part”, i.e the Galaxy S5, and directly release the speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 first.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Price

Samsung S6 Price would be around $900 in USA and Rs 57,000 in In India

Rumored Features

1. 4G / 5G Network – According to our some sources, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will support 4G or 5G networks. In fact Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the first phone which will support 5G networks. This support to 5G networks will play a key role to attract the customers.

2. Metallic body- Yes you all heard it right ! Samsung will use  metal body concept in its new galaxy S6. This metallic body concept will protect the Galaxy S6 from getting physically damaged.

3. Tizen Operating System – By the year Galaxy S6 will be launched Samsung will install its own OS into its new smartphones, and the Galaxy S6 will be one them. Currently lots of testing is going on the new operating system . Recently Samsung launched 2.2 version of  Tizen-OS. The applications & the interface of  Tizen will attract more number of customers.

4. Powerful battery- Battery drainage is a bigger  problem in Samsung smartphones so in order to attract more customers Samsung will use a battery of 5000 mAh in its new Galaxy S6.

5. Slimmest of its class – Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the slimmest-smartphone among the all smartphones that will be available in the year 2015.

6. Different And Unique sensors- Samsung is going to install new and different sensors like-Barometer, Proximity, gyro sensors, accelerometer which will ultimately attract more no of customers.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Other features that are rumored are :

3D Organic LED screen of 5.5 inches,  NFC, Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wireless charging, 20 MP back camera,  4GB Ram, Exynos 5 hexa-core processor with a 6 core ARM Mali-T628, Digital compass, GPS/A-GPS, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Dual-Band, 32 / 64 / 128 GB memory, Touch-Wiz User Interface, Fingerprint sensor, 4 Mega Pixel front facing-camera, Water & Dust Resistant screen-protection, and an autofocus & LED feature in camera.

Galaxy S6 Concept

Galaxy S6 Design

Galaxy S6 Design


Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6


galaxy s6

Galaxy S6: Should be a beauty


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