Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News

Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News

Well here is the latest news that rumors have generated for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 that it is supposed to have a 2.4Ghz processor one of the most powerful processor in the history of mobile technology . It just reminded me of the past days when my PC had a 2.26Ghz processor  ,well in short Samsung is kind off launching a mini PC .

It is believed that Samsung is also working on a better gaming experience for the gamers in the mobile world. Since playing games on the mobile affects the battery in great manner, Samsung will generally improve the battery performance and the heat dissipation.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News

Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest News


With gaming comes the importance of screen , since it’s almost a  Phablet Samsung should work on the strategy of “with  big screen comes better responsiveness and amazing touch “ .It should make sure that there is no lagging .

Another feature that is expected to come along with 2.4Ghz processor is a better voice recognizing capability . Samsung would make sure that the voice recognizing facility would recognize Indian voices without and big zeal. Earlier series also had the voice recognizing capability but user used to prefer using the phone manually rather than giving it command.

The voice recognizing facility will also extend to the ability of the phone in writing text messages, email, and even play some games along with the inbuilt command recognition.

Even though these are rumors but still its amazing news ,lets hope these to be true.


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