Samsung Galaxy S6 Has Limitless Possibilities

Samsung Galaxy S6 Has Limitless Possibilities

Let us take up the opportunity to imagine how we all can interact with an highly enthusiastic level of photographic-device that we tend to call the Samsung Galaxy S6. The smartphone world with possibilities are almost-limitless & the Korean Company Samsung has just-given us a peek at one-of-them. For Samsung, there sees to be no limits when it comes to the Smartphone technology.

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Life has limitless possibilities, what about Samsung Galaxy S6

Life has limitless possibilities, and what about Samsung Galaxy S6 ?


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Let us see what we can expect from Samsung in Galaxy S6 Smartphone !

  • Lightest-Weight Samsung S6 Smartphone.
  • Battery upto 4000 mAh possible.
  • Blink to click photograph.
  • Android Milkshake 6.0 or even Tizen Operating System.
  • It may also have flexible glass ( speculation ).
  • 20 MP rear-side camera with an auto focus and a LED.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Imagination

Samsung Galaxy S6 Imagination

According to some rumors, the Samsung Galaxy SVI is expected to be launched in 2015.

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Samsung SVI