Samsung Galaxy S6 Google Play Edition

Samsung Galaxy S6 Google Play Edition

After the huge success of Galaxy S4  and S4 mini ,Samsung launched its S4 Google play edition. It was a smartphone running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It provides a 5-inch 1080 display screen  , the 13 MP camera. Basically most of  features were same as that of normal S4 but now the user was getting direct software updates from the Google after the edition of Google play in it.

Similarly after the launch of Galaxy S6 , Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 Google play edition.

Galaxy S6 Google Play Edition

Galaxy S6 Google Play Edition

On adding only the Google play into the new S6 , Samsung will not be able to attract more no customers. So in order to have an eye catching effect, Samsung will also add some of the new features into phone.

Some of the new features that will be added into the new S6 Google play edition are listed below-

  • New Operating system- As it has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or Samsung’s Tizen Operating System or Firefox OS. So the Samsung will try to add a more latest OS in its Google play edition that is Android Milk shake 6.0 . It is rumored that Android 6.0 will have a more  user friendly interface than its predecessor. It will be more faster and will occupy lesser space into the mobile device.
  •  New Camera interface-  S6 Google play edition will get a new Camera interface. This new app in S6 Google play edition will ease the users. Like in S4 Google play edition Google switched the camera controls from circular-control panel, to the arc-like control panel on the screen. Similarly Google will bring out a new and more user friendly app for the camera of S6.
  •  Some other features includes-
  1. New wallpapers
  2. New boot animation
  3. New and latest apps

Last but not the least  in S6 Google edition the user will be getting direct software updates from the Google.


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