Samsung Galaxy S6 And Google Nexus 5 Head To Head

Samsung  and Google have a good bond releasing Google Play Edition of their devices, but how will they fare when the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5 are put head to head?To say in short, Samsung is currently ruling the Smartphone market with it’s line of Galaxy Smartphones, but what about other companies? For the times to come, other companies can also beat Samsung and as a series of Smartphones, Nexus is not far behind. The Nexus family of Smartphones has gained fame in the recent times with the Nexus 4 sales reaching it’s peaks. Samsung Galaxy S4 being a hit, the new kid in town has a lot of features, with some gimmicks which will be resolved by Samsung Galaxy S5 and later on by Samsung Galaxy S6. Today we will be comparing two top of the line Smartphones which are yet to be announced, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5 – Software

Well to start of with we have the software, which is a favor on the Nexus as we have Google’s own Stock Android™ which is pure to core and runs flawlessly on the Nexus device, but is this the case? No absolutely not, if we were to recall, Samsung releasing Google Play Editions of Galaxy S4, which is similar to Nexus and it’s just a start from Samsung. In the times to come, the Galaxy S6 will be released in Google Play Edition which would make it Nexus like and looking at other factors like hardware and internals, we can expect the Galaxy S6 to blow the competition of Nexus 5 out of water. But what about Non-Google Play Edition? For this we come back to Android 4.3 JellyBean which is an update to the latest Android 4.2.2 JellyBean, what all features are added, well to say we have some like the dialer showing the contacts and an emoji keyboard. For Nexus 5, Google has planned for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which will be a major upgrade with new features and security. But this won’t be enough to match other companies, or to say the S6. Samsung has planned an updated and more refreshed toucwiz UX for the Galaxy S6 and will have features like Direct Call, Air Gestures and Auto Pause etc… The only thing to boast in Key Lime Pie for Nexus 5 will be the Photo Sphere which is still matched by the intriguing design of camera interface by Samsung. So the winner here is Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 And Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 And Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5 – Display and Interface

Next we have display and interface, this where things get interesting. Nexus 4, the current gen Nexus has a display resolution of 1280×768 in a 4.7 inch package, the Galaxy S4, 1920×1080, the Galaxy S5 is planned to have 2560×1600 and the Galaxy S6 will have an insane display resolution of 3200×1800 in a 6 inch package which is more than enough for a Smartphone let alone a tablet. The Nexus 5 is planned to get an upgrade to 1920×1080 which is best in its class, but not enough to beat the Galaxy S6. Web content will be readable, images will be sharp and videos look better than before. It is not sure of which technology will be used by Samsung, but 1800p is the display they are planning to go for. So we have Samsung Galaxy S6 as the winner. But what about the interface, in times to come, the TouchWiz UX will evolve for sure, but won’t go up that far to beat the Nexus 5. It will have a lot features that Nexus 5 will be missing but the overall display package will be better on the Nexus side with ease of navigation and much improved notification panel. The winner for interface is the Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 And Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 And Google Nexus 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5 – Hardware, Camera and Battery

We will now conclude the comparison with hardware, camera and battery life. Samsung is a monster in hardware, every time  they bring new and improved SOC(System on Chip) which tends to improve the overall performance. The current gen Exynos 5410 is an example. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have and Exynos variant as well as a Snapdragon variant. The Exynos variant will have an Octa Core chipset helped along with 4GB of RAM which is more than enough for the daily computing tasks. The Snapdragon variant will be a quad core with the same 4GB of RAM, also support for LTE. The Nexus 5 on the other hand is planned to come with Snapdragon 600 quad core variant or the Snapdragon 800, which compared to the Snapdragon variant of Galaxy S6 will be almost the same. But when compared to the International Exynos variant is nothing and the trophy goes to Samsung. Camera nowadays has become a major factor in Smartphones, with Lumia 1020 beating every phone out there. Samsung won’t plan for a higher pixel rate like Lumia, but it will surely have a 21Megapixel camera with a larger sensor similar to the one found in Mirror-less cameras with losless zooming and Optical Image Stabilization, the Nexus on the other hand is supposed to have a 13 Megapixel camera which is not enough to beat the Galaxy S6 and the trophy goes to Samsung this time. Battery is an issues with current smartphones and with heavy usage, it drains out in a matter of hours. The Nexus 5 will come with a 2600mAH battery and Samsung will taking it to the utmost to 5000mAH which will be certainly enough for day to day computing tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 5 will be two beautiful Smartphones with top of the line specs and improved hardware, it all depends on the user and his experience to choose on or the other.


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