Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Speaking of the current gen Samsung Galaxy S4, what sets it apart from others is not only the processor but also the feature set loaded into it and Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t be any different either. Galaxy S4 is loaded with features of which some are useful and some are just gimmicks. In the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, the current features will be polished or refined, removing all the errors and bringing new ones. We have a confirmed news of Samsung working on finger print scanning technology and folks it’s coming really soon to the Galaxy S6. The current issues with the technology makes it impossible to be implemented on Galaxy S5, but by the time the Galaxy S6 arrives we can see this as a feature.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


Some features which we can expect in the new Samsung Galaxy S6 are:

  • New and improved air gestures, with the ability to control the phone when it is locked.
  • A new voice system, which can wake up the phone and do tasks like calls, reply to mails and messages directly from the lock screen without even touching the phone.
  • The ability to control any wi-fi enabled printers. This can be done with the help of an app, but this feature will be embedded in all Samsung Galaxy S6 variants.
  • Fingerprint scanning, if the issues are cleared by then and possible eye tracking.
  • TouchWiz will be evolved with halo like icons and floating widgets providing features like, instant reply like chat heads, reply to mail etc…
  • A new addition will be the taking photos by blinking your eyes. This uses the front facing camera to track your  eye movement and initiate the shutter button upon blinking.

These are only some features, with a company like Samsung we can expect more features as well. For live updates on Samsung Galaxy S6, subscribe to our news feeds, you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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