Samsung Galaxy S6 Expected Price

We know as the technology has advanced the electronics item have become cheaper and cheaper day by day .It’s not even been 6 months to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 and its price has reduced significantly .It started around Rs.42000/- and now  it has almost reduced Rs.36,000/-

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

So what do you think would be a suitable price for a Super Smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy S6 that can be bought by the people ?Well according to our team and how we look at future to be S6 will definitely will have a higher price than what S4 had say may be around Rs.55,000/- .

There may be cases that Samsung might even price it higher but then its just a phone .Samsung would never want to loose its market because of high priced phone .Since we expect there would be a tough competition at that time as many Smartphone are supposed to launch having almost the same feature ,it would better for Samsung to price it adequately so as to have a hold in the market .

It might also be possible that there would be further advancement in technology and it cost’s cheaper .Since its future, nothing can be said for sure.

At personal point of view if Samsung ever comes out with the Galaxy S6 , I would personally like it to be cheaper say about Rs.40k .Since it’s not that cheap but according to the technological advancement it would be appropriate  .For those who are Samsung Galaxy S series fans  would do be able to pay any amount to get their dream gadget but since the phone is for mass users it should be priced appropriately.

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

As our site looks at the futuristic view of the Samsung ventures it is possible that pricing can change with time .So this is how we predict the price of Samsung Galaxy S6 would be .Lets see what happens.


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