Samsung Galaxy S6 Dimensions

Samsung Galaxy S6 Dimensions: In this post, we present our version of the speculated Samsung Galaxy S6 Dimensions, which is expected to have a much different look and feel as compared to the Galaxy S4, and the yet to be announced Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Dimensions:

  • The Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a 6-inch OLED screen. This is not the only rumor surrounding it, check other rumors here)
  • The rumored dimensions of the S6 are: 152.4 x 70.1 x 6.9 mm , which means it could be about 20 mm larger in length, and about 1 mm slimmer in width as compared to the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered Image

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be quite a sleek device by its standards.

  • The weight of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is speculated to be around 130 gm, about as same as that of the S4. This might be an indication of Samsung’s commendable form factor in the Galaxy S series of smartphones.
  • If the above rumored dimensions are proved to be correct( there is a high probability that they are pretty close to the actual specs), then it would still feel a little bulky, if we compare it to the sleek Apple iPhone 5, which comes at a light 112 gm.  But given Samsung’s track record of building “slightly bulky yet comfortable to grip” smartphones, the Galaxy S4, given its dimensions, should pose stiff competition to Apple’s future phones.
Samsung Galaxy SVI

Samsung Galaxy SVI – Concept image
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  • One rumored factor which could lead to bigger length of the Galaxy S6 could be the addition of several other sensors, which occupy extra space, which in turn show in the phone’s dimensions.


Samsung Galaxy S6 release date:

Though nothing has been officially confirmed by Samsung, one can easily expect the Galaxy S6 to retail at around summer 2015.


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Samsung SVI