Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Prototype

With the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has broken all the records that the other companies have made in past . S4’s features makes it the most amazing phone of 2013 and while the latest rumors afloat that Samsung Galaxy S5 to be launched next year i.e 2014 , let us make wild guesses of how Samsung Galaxy S6 would be like.

Well guessing always doesn’t work out well but with a trend that Samsung is following we expect more from Samsung. We know that Samsung phones will have 5G by the end of 2016 so what else Samsung can add in its S6 to make it special. Let’s discuss the Samsung Galaxy S6 design  part by part:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Prototype

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Prototype

Appearance of Samsung Galaxy S6  

Well starting with appearance the Samsung Galaxy S4 has almost the same appearance as Samsung Galaxy S3  oval like it’s just that it has a larger screen as compared to the previous one . Samsung Galaxy S2 had a rectangular with curved edges appealing to adding an elegance to its body .But what we think is that Samsung Galaxy S6 would probably have the same look of Samsung Galaxy  S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 with variable screen size or it might make a mixture of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 or you might think as it giving it a Blackberry Z10 like look .

Material of Samsung Galaxy S6

Since all the Samsung Galaxy S series have plastic body and know that rumors are there that NOTE 3 will have a aluminum body so as far as trend goes Samsung will supposedly follow that ,even though it might increase the weight of the phone drastically but Samsung Galaxy S series have always been criticized for its plastic body .

Screen of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung might maintain the standard 5.8 inch screen or bigger but will definitely be less than 7 inch because any phone with 7 inch screen is supposed to be a tablet .The screen is supposed to be an super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a pixel density of 500ppi plus .

Galaxy S6 Design

Galaxy S6 Design

Technology support for Galaxy S6

Well as per news Samsung phones will be  5G technology compatible by the end of 2016 ,it wont be harm in saying that it might use the 5G technology.

Other features of Samsung Galaxy S6

We know that after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , Samsung recently launched its water resistant phone Samsung Galaxy S4 active  and another version called Samsung Galaxy S4 ALTE which supports advanced LTE ,so as per us the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have all these features .


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