Samsung Galaxy S6 Colors

Some phone lovers are not only concerned about camera, processor, RAM or any other specification, but they also love choosing their handset by color. It also varies from person to person and depends on a person’s mind-set.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Colors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Colors

A good color always adds to beauty of a phone and makes it look more and more eye catching. So let us start imagining some of the colours which can be expected in upcoming phones. But before that let us go back in time and see what we have experienced.

Below given description of colours includes all models from every series.

  • Galaxy S: Black, white, La Fleur.
  • Galaxy S2: Black, pure white, Hot Pink, Chic white, Dark blue, Noble black, ceramic white.
  • Galaxy S3: Marble white, Pebble blue, Garnet red, Amber brown, Titanium grey, Sapphire black.
  • Galaxy S4: Blue arctic, Red aurora, Purple Mirage, Brown Autumn, Pink twilight, White mist, Black frost.


garnet red-s6

garnet red


Noticing all the colours that Samsung has brought out in its latest handsets, we can expect something new and different again.

With Samsung you got to expect the unexpected.

Whenever Galaxy S6 is released, we can expect it to be in 5 colours at-least, which are white frost, pure black, titanium grey, dark blue and reddish pink.


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